Curriculum 2017 - 2020

Curriculum 2017 - 2020



The underlying rationale of the curriculum is based on the simultaneous treatment at several European universities and institutes of higher education of key thematic fields that are essential to the academic discourse in spatial planning and design and all related disciplines. These thematic fields include, for example, management of settlement areas, spatial and infrastructural development and cross-border urban and rural development issues. Further project laboratories (case studies) on suitable framework themes of equal importance in the cities of the participating universities and institutes of higher education will be selected as required.

The Doctoral College operates on a three-year cycle. The first year serves as a familiarisation phase, focussing on narrowing down the topic, determining the research field and the structure of the doctoral thesis and evaluating potential case studies. The second year is chiefly devoted to in-depth analysis of the issues within the framework of study projects, experiments and elaboration of the key chapters of the doctoral thesis. The third and final year is reserved for evaluation, detailed study of selected aspects, the writing of and feedback on the doctoral thesis.

Doctoral Symposia

Integral components of the Doctoral College are the thrice-yearly doctoral symposia. These will be held at each of the participating universities and institutes of higher education in turn as well as at the institutions where the respective guest professors are based, according to the following timetable:

13 - 17  March 2017          TU Munich | Kick-off event
25 - 28  May 2017             flying visit 1 | Belgrade RS
18 - 22  September 2017   ETH Zürich
22 - 25  November 2017    flying visit 2 | Patras GR
12 - 16  March 2018          TU Wien
10 - 13  May 2018             flying visit 3 | Copenhagen DK
17 - 21  September 2018   KIT Karlsruhe
18 - 22  November 2018    flying visit| Casablanca MA
25 - 29  March 2019          TU Dortmund/ILS
30 May - 02 June 2019       flying visit 5 | Strasbourg FR
16 - 20 September 2019    TU Berlin
23 - 27 March 2020           TU Munich 

The dates of the as yet unscheduled doctoral symposia will be fixed in the course of the doctoral programme. The symposia usually start on a Sunday or Monday and finish on a Friday. The first half of the week is devoted to exploring the respective project laboratories (case studies) and the taught modules of the curriculum. The second half is set aside for in-depth discussion and individual exchange. The programme features seminars, round-table discussions, field trips, lectures and one-to-one consultations. The doctoral symposium is put together by the respective host professor in consultation with the doctoral students.