The Doctoral College

The Doctoral College



Spatial planning and design at academic level form the focus of the International Doctoral College “Spatial Research Lab”. The College is open to excellently qualified candidates from a wide range of spatially relevant disciplines who would like to engage in an intensive, academically creative discourse on difficult, spatially relevant problems within the framework of a doctoral thesis (PhD) and with a view to elaborating viable and innovative attempts at solutions.

Six professors in the field of spatial development from Germany, Switzerland and Austria have therefore seized the initiative for a second time to create a suitable framework for this exchange. The Doctoral College centres on a common framework theme within which the research foci can be developed, depending on the capabilities and interests of the doctoral students and in consultation with the respective professor supervising the thesis.



The International Doctoral College “Spatial Research Lab” aims to develop students’ ability to independently elaborate relevant research questions on issues of spatial importance. The intensive exchange of ideas that is a prerequisite for critical discourse and the formulation of individual contributions is developed step by step and cultivated by the doctoral students on their own initiative.

In the course of the doctoral programme, students not only have excellent opportunities to engage in intensive interdisciplinary discourse but additionally have access to expert mentoring and advice from all the participating professors and teaching staff. Guest professors are also involved in the discourse.